Liv Mitchell : Freelance Editor & Writer

About Me

I am a writer and editor with more than 16 years’ experience in the print and internet media, working in the corporate, commercial, not-for-profit and small-business sectors.

During my early years in the trade press, I covered everything from advertising sales and design layout to project management before moving on to feature writing and editing for newspapers and magazines. I’ve spent time in television, the dot com media and penned travel guides, too, but I enjoy the variety and work/life balance freelancing allows. See my full work history.

It’s my job to help you reach your audience in a language that it understands, whether that’s through a product information sheet, a perky feature article, a summary of your services or an educational booklet that adds value to your client base. I can either create copy, or ‘massage’ existing copy, which engages and informs your target market or reading public.

Liv MitchellA solid brief is the key to a successful outcome, while working within the constraints and timeframes allowed. You can be sure I’ll deliver work on time, and with integrity.

Quotations are either estimates, or fixed, based on the clarity of the brief provided and the complexity of the work.

If I’m not equipped to produce all of your requirements, I generally know someone who can.

Give me a call for an obligation-free discussion of your needs.

Liv Mitchell
Member Society of Editors (Victoria) Inc.