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About Gita Yoga
‘Gita’ is a Sanscrit word meaning, ‘Song of joy’. Gita yoga is based on a series of 10 postures (with many variations) that work specifically on the endocrine system (our hormone-producing glands) to balance our bodies’ vital functions.

Gita classes make yoga accessible to all body shapes and sizes and levels of experience. The key is to work at your own pace and to leave behind all sense of competition.

Rather than being controlled by your emotions and the circumstances around you, Gita yoga allows you to develop a finely tuned body and mind that is capable of taking charge of your life’s path.

Yoga practice acts as a balancing and calming force in our chaotic world. On a deeper level, it offers a framework within which to live your life and an understanding of your true purpose. Either way, I feel compelled to share this gift of life with others.

I practised at various schools of yoga for 16 years before attending the Gita International School of Yoga, which offered the holistic approach I had been looking for. Prior to that, I studied dance for 10 years (jazz, tap, ballroom).

In 2006, I enrolled in the Gita Teacher-Training program. This intensive, 15-month course involves more than 1000 hours of practical yoga, coupled with studies in yoga theory, anatomy, nutrition, spiritual philosophy, relaxation and meditation.

For the past four years, I have also studied spiritual philosophy and the esoteric wisdoms extensively. These have given my life an invaluable framework and have instilled in me a profound sense of understanding, truth-seeking and abiding peace.

From September 2007, I am available to teach group sessions or private classes. Do give me a call. I’d love to talk to you about setting up a program for yourself, your business, your school, or your local or community centre. Wherever you are, I can be…

Visit for full details of Gita-style yoga or speak with me directly on 0409 473 162.

(The spirit in me, respects the spirit in you…)